No, it is not complicated. The ownership process may be different from that in your country, but it is simple enough. Our experienced managers can help you with the ownership process and all the necessary formalities.
When buying a property in Turkey you should pay a one-time registration of ownership tax in the amount of 2 - 4% of the cadastral value of the property listed in the Tapu. In addition to the tax on the registration of ownership (Tapu), additional one-time fees should be taken into account: - translation and notarization, miscellaneous fees: sworn translator services. (On all transactions with foreign nationals at the notary and the Cadastral Office there is an accredited interpreter). - The cost of connecting electricity and water (about $160 when buying a new building), - Obtaining technical passport (Iskan) when buying a new home (from 350 to $ 2,000).
1. an appraisal report showing the cadastral value of the property is a required document. 300$; 2. The state fee for purchasing a home is 1%. 3. the Certification of the property ownership - 2% of the real estate cost when purchasing from an individual or 4% from an individual. As for the Agent's Fee: In Alanya the вспомога вспомога вспомога's price-lists of construction companies already contain commission. No extra commission will be charged to the buyer. 5. Costs for Interpreter of Power of Attorney at the notary $ 200. 6. Legal services: processing TAPU (ownership), registration of Turkish citizenship. 7. Initial connection of Electricity, Water and Telephone. 8. Mandatory Real Estate Insurance (DASK) $ 50 a year. 9. Annual Property Tax: 0.2% for city-owned property and 0.1% for non-city-owned property. Commercial property 0.4%. 10. Monthly HOA Maintenance Fee (Aidat).
Turkish citizenship through investment can be obtained in just 4 months. The most profitable option for capitalizing on investment opportunities - the purchase of real estate in Turkey for $ 400,000 or more. Real estate can be rented out, as well as profitable to resell after 3 years. Buying real estate under the citizenship is possible only from the Turkish individual or entity. If the seller is a foreigner, participation in the program is excluded. The funds should be transferred officially through a bank, from a foreign or Turkish account of the buyer to the seller's account. Investors have to convert foreign currency into Turkish Liras before investing in the respective assets. It is necessary to buy real estate (new, secondary housing, commercial property or land) for the equivalent of $ 400 thousand This is the cadastral value of the object. It is it should be specified in the certificate of ownership and confirmed by a report of an appraiser from an accredited company. Therefore, very much depends on the project in which the object is purchased.
Yes. The normal installment period is from 6 months to 2 years. Typically, the installment term depends on the timing of construction, but in some cases construction company provides installment payment and the finished projects. There are also projects under construction with 5-year installments with a down payment of 50%. To obtain the installment payment, you do not need to collect any documents, confirm your creditworthiness, and pay additional fees. Of course, to become the rightful owner and get the TAPU you can only after you pay the entire cost of purchased housing.
The purchased real estate can be registered in the name of several people, even minor children, all of them are entered in the TAPU, and the number of co-owners and their shares of ownership are determined solely by the buyers. All co-owners have the right to resell their share to a third party, but only with the consent of the other owners of the property.
In the Republic of Turkey, income derived from the resale of property is subject to taxation. If the owner is a legal entity, the amount is 20%. Individuals do not have to pay this tax if they have been owners of Turkish property for more than 5 years. If the individual was the owner of a home in the Republic of Turkey for less than 5 years, then the taxable amount is the difference between the price of the property from the TAPU seller, and the new value, which is approved by the local authorities and is written in the new TAPU. The amount of income tax can be 15-35%. It is important to file the official details of the sale of real estate in Turkey within 15 days after the transaction is fully completed.
Without requiring the buyer's presence in the country to obtain Turkish citizenship, Lunar Invest conducts all transactions as a trustee. In this context, Lunar Invest provides consulting services with its team of experts within the legal framework.
To make a SWIFT transfer, you need to provide a number of documents to the sender's bank, the main ones are: - Reservation Form; - Tapu - registration of ownership in Turkey (scan in good quality); - Developer's company registration; - Proforma invoice; - Documents on the owner, including copies of passports of beneficiaries and confirmation of the current composition of the founders (in Russia, for example, it is an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities) and others. After drawing up a preliminary contract and making a reservation, our lawyer will check the full list of documents provided by the developer and only after that we send to the buyer.
Of course, it is possible, but it can only be done by an experienced person who understands all the intricacies of not only real estate, but also registration. The most important thing a professional agency can give you is not only to check all the documents and arrange Tapu. Professionals, above all, tell you a fair price at which you can buy. In Turkey, often, if a foreigner comes on their own to the property owner or constrution company - they can inflate the selling price, counting on the fact that the foreigner is not versed in the market. When experts help you, they know the market and then the seller can not overprice. We work with love and without hidden commission.